Gratitude Railroad Investor Retreat 2020

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We've decided to cancel our 2020 retreat due to COVID-19.

We are hoping to resume the event in the fall of 2021 in Park City —please stay tuned for more information later this year. We will not host any in person meetings or gatherings until we have more information regarding the virus, travel restrictions, and social distancing guidelines. We will continue to host virtual gatherings related to critical impact issue areas and investment opportunities. We hope you will join us as we work to engage and support the community while navigating these unprecedented times.

Why we gather

Why we gather

Actionable, participative and curated, the Gratitude Investor Retreat is designed to connect the brightest investors with thought leaders and ecosystem partners to discuss, debate and act on investment opportunities that matter.

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The Gratitude Community

This is a curated gathering capped at 200 participants in order to create an environment rich for purposeful engagement. The participant ratio is 2/3 investors to 1/3 ecosystem builders, comprising of entrepreneurs, government & NGO representatives, academics, and thought leaders. We’ve carefully crafted a guest list to leverage the wisdom of the community and hone an investing group willing to move capital into impact.

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